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Laura Ashley, Drop in Seat Chair Makeover

Amanda Russell
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We all love a chic recycling project, it’s even better when it’s easy and sustainable too. When I was asked by the Laura Ashley team to design a project that fitted with their ethics I knew exactly which fabric I’d be calling in. I love the William Morris vibe to the Laura Ashley Willow Leaf Hedgerow pattern fabric which chimes really well with contemporary interior style.

In a house clearance shop I discovered an ugly brown drop in seat chair, ripe for a makeover. With the lyrical curvy lines of the seat back and legs the only thing stopping it from revealing its potential beauty and taking centre stage was a simple makeover.

5 Amanda-1295 copy.jpg

In this step by step project I show you how I transformed this chair into a stunning head turner using a lick of chalky pastel paint and new print fabric to cover the seat pad. To protect the new finish from any of the of the old wood treatments seeping through the new finish a couple of coats of stain stopper were applied before painting with the emulsion.

I hope you enjoy this renovation project to bring new life to an old and neglected chair as much as I did.

You will need:

  • Laura Ashley Pale Grey Green Matt Emulsion Paint

  • Laura Ashley Fabric Willow Leaf Hedgerow

  • Pliers

  • Screwdriver

  • Hammer

  • Tacks

  • Scissors

  • Paint brushes

  • Medium Weight Polyester Wadding

  • Zinsser Stain stopper paint

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Step by step

Step 1

  • Remove the seat pad from the chair frame, wipe chair over with a weak solution of warm water and washing up liquid.

LA chair before copy.JPG

Step 2

  • To protect the new finish from any of the of the old wood treatments seeping through and spoiling the new colour when the chair is dry paint with two coats of stain stopper.

2a LA stain stopper  IMG_0420.JPG

Step 3

  • When the chair is dry, apply two thin coats of emulsion.

3 LA chair IMG_0487.JPG

Step 4

  • Use a screw driver and pliers to remove the tacks securing the old covering fabric

4b LA chair.JPG

Step 5

  • Cut to polyester wadding to the size of the seat.

5a IMG_0501 b.JPG

Step 6

  • Cut out seat fabric with a 10cm overlap.

6b IMG_0503 b.JPG

Step 7

  • Place seat fabric right sides down, place wadding in the centre, before positioning the seat in the centre of the layered textiles. Fold the fabric over the seat edge, use a tack to secure the fabric, work from the middle of the frame towards the outside. Turn fabric and secure on all the seat edges.

7b IMG_0507 b.JPG

Step 8

  • To complete the first corner, fold the fabric into the corner of the seat then tack in place.

8b IMG_0518 b.JPG
8d IMG_0515 b.JPG

Step 9

  • Fold and turn the edge of the remaining fabric over the corner, then secure with a tack.

9a IMG_0513 b.JPG

Step 10

  • Repeat to finish all the remaining corners. Use scissors to trim off excess fabric.

10b IMG_0511 b.JPG


  • When you’ve finished applying the first coat of emulsion paint wrap the paint brush in kitchen film to prevent the bristles from drying out before you apply the following coat of paint.

  • This project is ideal for using up fabric off cuts left over from earlier projects.

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