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Plastic Free Kitchen

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With the beginning of the year I’m thinking about the months ahead and the changes I want to put in place. I’ve talked about sustainability, which for me is a whole lot about choosing products carefully and most importantly ditching the plastic. I’ve been making the changes incrementally, taking small steps, one change at a time.


I was nervous about embracing changes in the kitchen, would the plastic free solutions I turned to be as effective as the tried and tested? I’ve been happily surprised by the results. I’ve ditched plastic scrubbing brushes, pan scrubbers and synthetic cloths in favour of a natural alternative. I have no problem giving cotton kitchen cloths a boil wish, and for less than the price of a plastic pan brush I can buy a replacement head for my wooden dish brush. No more plastic pan brushes and synthetic cloths going to sit in landfill for hundreds of years is a huge win for me.


When I buy washing up liquid I go to a shop that will refill my old container, to me, that’s potentially far fewer plastic bottle floating about in the sea. I’m currently trying alternative cleaning products, I’ll keep you up to date on what I find and how the products work.

And how’s it going, I hear you ask? So far, yes, I am please the changes I have made have been ones I can stick to. I am having a little celebration, though I recognise there’s still lots to do, keep watching me. Have you made changes, how have you found switching to plastic fee?

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