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My theory of leading a more sustainable life goes like this. Don’t try to change too much in one go, successful change is about taking mini steps towards establishing new habits.


I’m aware I use fresh clean paper for list writing and feel it’s something of an extravagant use of resources for something I will shortly be throwing away. As a stylist I’m a great list writer, it helps me get to the next place, a disposable task, rarely is a list for keeping. Of course I can list write on my mobile but I’m the kind of person who is better with constant physical reminders. With this in mind I decided to wean myself onto using scrap paper instead.


I am intrigued by the printed patterns on the inside of envelopes. Questions crowd my mind, what does it mean, are they traditional patterns, where was the custom started?

Being a natural hoarder I can’t bring myself to bin this beauty, they are saved to use in lots of ways covering boxes, in collages or as gift tags.


I am drawn into the magic of stories about how an inconsequential doodle on the back of an old envelope has lead the way to a great design. With this spirit in mind why would I want to use fresh paper for list writing and planning when I can use such beautiful paper which arrives at my door for free?

I re-purpose each of my treasured envelopes into two useful pieces of paper, using scissors to cut off the margins, over laps and folds. When I have a few, I stack them together, punch a hole in the corner and keep them together with a split ring clasp, a large safety pin, twine or whatever takes my fancy.

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