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Quick Revamp for Drop-in Seat Chair

CraftsAmanda Russell

This old chair was languishing in a charity shop, crying out for a hefty dose of TLC. For a super easy and quick transformation I painted it with a bright green paint and used contemporary print tea towel to cover the drop in seat.


You will need:

  • Old chair with drop in seat £10 at charity shop

  • Hammer

  • A staple gun with staples

  • Tea towel 10cm bigger than the seat

  • Dressmakers pins

  • Dressmakers scissors

  • Tarragon Glory 4 Emulsion paint by Dulux £15.99 homebase

  • Paintbrush

  • Sandpaper


Step by steps:

  1. Remove the seat from the chair and put to one side.

  2. Sand the chair frame to give it a key so the paint will adhere.

  3. Paint the chair with a bright coloured emulsion. Leave to dry, it may need a second coat of paint if the wood is showing through.

  4. Remove the tacks from the edge of the chair seat, then take off the outer fabric.

  5. Use the old chair cover as a pattern and pin it on to the tea towel.

  6. Cut out a new seat cover. Place the new seat cover, right side facing down on a flat surface. Place the drop in section of the chair in the centre of the fabric.

  7. Starting in the middle of one side staple the new fabric into place. Work outwards from the center towards the outer edge then repeat with the other half.

  8. Repeat step seven on the opposite side of the seat, making sure you pull the fabric taught as you go. By starting in the center and working outwards you will stop the fabric twisting. Once two sides of the chair are completed repeat with the other two sides. At the corners, pleat and turn in the fabric to make a neat finish.

  9. Drop the new seat into the freshly painted chair.

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