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How to Style Your Interior With Plants

Styling, InteriorAmanda Russell
1 Mark Diacono from Lia Leendertz My Tiny Inddor Garden .jpg

We all want our home to look wonderful and project our personality without making any costly mistakes. As an interior stylist working on magazines and in interior design, I believe everyone has their own unique style, but pin pointing it can be a tricky one with so many visual influences and different avenues to tempt you. Just now plants are having a moment, we all love a bit of greenery in our home. Firm up your style identity with a few simple styling tricks to set you on the right track when you are working with plants. 


House plants are slow growing and are in danger of making a room appear static and repetitious. Ring the changes, breath new life into a space by using plants as props and showing off your chosen hero object at its best. The styling hero can be anything that takes your fancy, I dip into my shop where I stock vintage ceramics, vases, vessels and figures.

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