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Quick and Easy Step By Step Cushion Cover

CraftsAmanda Russell

As a stylist I hold my hand up to many vices and one of the worst is fabric hoarding. Lots of us have fabric stashes waiting to be transfomed into something useful for our home, but when? Here’s a quick and easy step by step cushion cover project that’s perfect for using up fabric pieces.  Bring out your inner designer to create something beautiful for your interior. I’ve used some blissful fabric I hand blocked at a workshop with interiors Guru and shop Tobias and the Angel.

Cushion dimensions are not given, you choose to fit with your fabric and cushion sizes.

You will need




Sewing machine


Measure your cushion, add Icm to each side for the seam allowance. Cut out fabric for cushion front and back.


Take the cushion front and turn one edge in by 1cm iron down, then repeat with the cushion back.

Take one piece of fabric and right sides out pin the zip to the turned edge. Then sew in place using the sewing machine fitted with the zipper foot.

Repeat with the remaining piece of fabric on the other side of the zip.

Open the zip by 7 cm, with right sides facing pin then sew around the 3 remaining sides of the cushion. Clip the corners.

Slide the zip open, then turn the cover through the opening so it is right sides out. Press the seams open before pushing cushion into the cover and sliding the zip closed.


Pins, needles


Sewing machine




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