Soul Food Studio

Get the Wood Aesthetic

StylingAmanda Russell

Natural untreated wood, bang on trend for interiors. There’s lots of about at the moment, but how do you piggy back the natural woody aesthetic without making a huge investment in furniture or flooring?

A few simple styling tricks will help you get the look. When it comes to styling, grouping speaks volumes. There’s so much natural beauty in honest simple everyday items made from wood, curate and style a beautiful contemporary collection of vintage or new well choose well designed, wood utility tools. With their clean lines wooden spoons come carved in a variety of curvy shapes. Groupings bring out their differences, it shows the grain of the different woods and the rich patina built up from years of use.

Arranging gives them the space to talk, stop and take in the beauty. Out on the hunt for wood pieces look no further than the high street and check out craft markets. 


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